"CASA of Hancock County is a local nonprofit that advocates for abused and neglected children through the assignment of  trained community volunteers.
We are honored to have been selected at the first charity to participate in the Carts4kids program. We continuously train new CASA volunteers and the funds raised through the Carts4kids project will allow us to cover the costs of printed training manuals. What a great way for a local business to support children and the environment all at the same time!"

Cynthia Chauvin
Executive Director
CASA of Hancock County

Cart4Kids is focused on the future of our children, both their quality of life and the environment they will inherit in the coming years. The simple act of participating will make a world of difference one cartridge at a time.

Our Mission

The Charities We Support:



  • Create money to support local need
  • Protect the environment
  • Give new life to old cartridges 
  • Create raw materials for new products
  • Get a great feeling for so little effort

Offering local businesses and individuals a unique opportunity to help the environment and support the needs of our community and children.

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Carts4Kids is S&L Office Supplies most important community service project. It defines our relationship with the community we serve and allows us the opportunity to support the needs of our neighbors.