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The recycle ecosystem of cartridges is based on the fact that many cartridges are remanufactured and sold a second time before being destroyed for their metal and plastic content. For cartridges to remain in fair condition worthy of remanufacturing, several things must happen:

- Cartridges must remain dry and protected from the elements.
- They must be packed on a pallet individually wrapped for shipping.
- They must arrive at the recyclers undamaged.

Reusing original boxes are the perfect way to meet all of the requirements to deliver fair-condition cartridges. Place all spent toners into the newly opened/empty toner boxes.

When recyclers receive unprotected bulk cartridges in one large box, there is little to no value to the recyclers due to the condition of the unprotected cartridges. This removes the incentive for recyclers to take our cartridges..

What We’re Doing


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Carts4Kids is our way of helping area children in need by donating 100% of what we receive for recycling ink and toner cartridges. Here’s how you can help.


Drop off cartridges at our store location or request a pick up at your business location. Give us a call or send an email with your address and contact information to Our delivery specialists will pick up your donation and we will pool it with all the other donations we receive. When we receive the recycling check we’ll donate 100% to local charities!

Each individual cartridge isn’t worth much, but pooling hundreds or thousands of cartridges together you can help care for the less fortunate while reducing landfill waste. So please, join with us and support the Cart4Kids recycling program!

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